Our Favorite Links

Here you will find many links that are excellent sites for any Studebaker Enthusiast.

Studebakers Drivers Club

Check out the national club website at the Studebaker Drivers Club Offical website

Studebakers Drivers Club Forum

Have a Studebaker related question you would like to ask the Studebaker community?

Check out the Studebaker Drivers Club Forum

Studebaker National Museum

The Studebaker National Muesem located in South Bend Illinois is an excellent place to learn more about Studebakers and the history of the Studebaker Corporation.

Visit the Studebaker National Museum

Antique Studebaker Club

This club specialize in the aquisition and restoration of Studebakers from 1946 and before, as well as M-series trucks from 1948 and before.

If you are interested in early models of Studebakers check out the Antique Studebaker Club.

Studebaker Vendors

Whether you are just getting started with a restoration prjoect or in the middle of one this site can help you find parts and restoration aids.

Visit Studebaker Vendors

Studebaker Parts Swap

Another great resource for tracking down Studebaker parts is the Studebaker Parts Swap page. Here you can search ads for parts or put up your own Studebaker part ad.

Visit Studebaker Parts Swap