Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions

What is the Northeast Oklahoma Studebaker Drivers Club?

We are a small group of Studebaker enthusiasts and hobbyists based out of Tulsa Oklahoma. Our club is the Northeast Oklahoma Chapter of the National Studebaker Drivers Club. We were founded in 1972.

How does one become a member?

You too can become a member of the Northeast Oklahoma Studebaker Drivers Club. For those who wish to become chapter members it will also be necessary to become a member of the National Studebaker Drivers Club due to insurance purposes.

See our Resources page to find a membership form and link to the national club website.

When does the club meet?

Monthly meetings are held the 3rd Sunday of every month except in June, at 2 PM Unless otherwise specified.

See the Events page for more details.

What is a Zone Meet?

Zone Meets are annual events where the club chapters meet to show off their studebakers and have them judged. Zone Meets are held the last weekend of April to Mid-May.. Registration begins on Friday. Saturday the cars are parked in a blocked off area for Judging that begins about 11:00 am. We have a hospitality room for everyone to have a place inside to congregate and have snacks. We also serve lunch to those that have registered. Judging is completed about 2:00. After judging the hospitality room closes and is prepared for the banquet that evening where we have dinner, pass out awards and hold an auction to raise money for the club.

Where can one learn more about Studebakers?

For a quick overview check out our About page.

For a more indepth look into Studebakers check out the Studebaker Wikipedia Page

Also, be sure to check out our Favorite Links for a lot more Studebaker resources.